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PHP Rent a Car calle. Fagului no. 76, Cluj-Napoca (a la cuesta en la Calle Turzii se hace la izquierda en Rompetrol, en la calle Buna Ziua)
Aeropuerto internacional Terminal nuevo de Cluj-Napoca. c/Traian Vuia no. 149
Reservas online 0752.012.012 o 0747. 288.200

Cobertura regional

Condiciones generales

Payment Terms

Payment is made in advance upon signing the lease.


Accepted payments:

- CREDIT CARD: We accept all major credit cards recognized
international such as Mastercard / Visa.

The deposit can be blocked on the credit card issuing bank if you allow


- Payment can be made CASH
- BANK TRANSFER: Just before the start of the rental period
The equivalent total rental is charged in RON at the sale BNR (from invoice date)


 The driver

The driver must have a valid driving license and a card  ID / passport.

Minimum age of driver is 21 years. The driver must have a valid driving license  at least one year.


 Term return of the vehicle

If a vehicle is returned ahead of schedule will be issued a voucher for the remaining value.

Voucher can be used for partial payment (30%) of future rentals.

Whether it was used only part of the amount, another voucher will be issued for the remaining value.


Delivery & Collection

 - Pick Up / Drop Of  Airport

15 Euro supplement delivery / pickup

- Delivery / Collection outside office hours

15 Euro for delivery / pickup outside office hours

The program is: Monday-Friday 9:00 -18: 00

                          Sat 9:00 -14: 00

                          Sunday: CLOSED


Rent taught in other cities

 - National

 A fee of 0.4 euro / km, for handing the car in a different city than renting.


Rent for crossing borders

Renting within the EU is allowed.


Extra charges for other services



Baby Seat 3 euro / day

GPS Navigation System 3 euro / day


Accessories are bookable upon availability.


Additional driver

There is no extra charge for an additional driver.

Names and additional driver must be specified in the lease.

Additional driver has the same obligations as the main driver.


Refueling Charge

Fuel charge sheet against the lack of teaching 1.5 € / liter


General Insurance Conditions

The cars:

 Compulsory insurance (RCA)


The guarantee is a deposit amount that can be refunded to the customer returning the car in the same conditions specified in the Tender delivery / receipt.


The warranty starts from 200 euros (or the equivalent in lei of the amount) and varies depending on the category or model of car.

The customer can make this deposit cash or by credit card, which can block the amount outstanding.


Additional information about the rental contract or a draft can be obtained at

tel: 0752 012 012 or email:

¿Desea reservar por teléfono? Ilámanos ahora: 0752.012.012 Nuestro equipo está a su disposición 24/7.
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